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Chia Seed Pudding 4-WAYS


Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Raw, Vegan


Chia pudding base

4 serves


4tbsp chia seeds (white or black, or both)

1tbsp vanilla extract or vanilla powder

2 cups coconut milk (or almond, full cream or coconut water)

*Option to add 1/2 cup dessicated coconut or coconut flakes. 


Mango "sorbet"

2 fresh mango's- skin & pip removed, flesh places into blender

1/2- 1 cup water (start adding from 1/2 cup if you would like the puree runnyer)

1/2 tsp cinnamon

*Optional: 2tsp ground turmeric



- Place all ingredients into a blender & blend until smooth. Option to leave some chopped mango out if you want more texture.

- Place desired amount of chia pudding into a  cup/jar/container (air tight if storing in the fridge). Sprinkle with bee pollen.


Berry "Sorbet"

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 cup frozen raspberries 

(change it up and use any frozen berry of choice)

5 drops liquid stevia (if you think it needs a touch more sweetness)

*Option to add 1tbsp of the following:  maqui berry powder, acai powder, maca powder



- Place ingredients into a blender & blend until thick and sorbet consistency. Option to add 1tbsp of water at a time if your blender needs a bit of assistance.

- Sprinkle with activated buckwheat or your sprinkle topping of choice!


*Serve or store the same way as the mango (above) OR layer with the chia pudding & chocolate- mousse. DELICIOUS COMBO! chocolate and berries, you cannot go wrong!


Passionfruit & Kiwi

4 passionfruits, flesh scraped out (serving 4, 1 passionfruit for 1 serve)

2 kiwi fruit sliced into quarters (1/2 kiwi fruit for each serve)



Layer the coconut chia pudding base, the chocolate mousse (see below), then the flesh of passionfruit, topped with kiwi fruit (I love to leave the skin on for added fibre & nutrients- wash well before chopping).


Choc- Avocado Mousse:

2 large avocado's  

4tbsp cacao powder (or another delicious option- 5-6tbsp carob powder)

5-8 drops of liquid stevia (can use a 1tbsp coconut nectar or coconut sugar if you don't like the taste of stevia)

1tsp vanilla powder

1tsp cinnamon

*Option to add 1tbsp Maca powder

2-3tbsp water (or almond or coconut milk)



Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooothhhhh and creamy & tastes so so delicious... Of course you have to try whilst you make it, you'd be crazy not to! haha.


Make your chia pudding your breakfast!

You may need something a bit more substantial to fill your morning tummy rumbles, so here are some ways to make your chia cup a main meal!

  • Add 1 serving of protein powder (a natural or organic whey or pea protein powder) into your chia, coconut milk mixture.

  • Sprinkle your choice of flavour (mango, berry, chocolate, passionfruit) with a natural or baked granola or muesli, nuts (activated if possible), seeds (toasted or fresh), activated buckwheat or cooked (but cooled quinoa). 

  • If you just want your chia pudding as is or as a sncak size, but are still hungry- eat a boiled egg afterwards!


Experiment, change up the flavours, swap from cacao to carob, switch around your milk of choice, use your favourite fruit or flavour! Pumpkin is definately on my list!


Enjoy, enjoy! If  you have any questions or suggestions you can contact me HERE.







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