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Nutritional Medicine
a green bowl filled with salmon, egg and avocado next to a green smoothie

Initial consultation (75 minutes) 


Return consultation (45 minutes)


Extended return consultation (60 minutes)


Short consultations available (15/30 minutes)

$50/ $80


Blood Test Interpretation $110

Please contact Lui

Currently all nutrition consultations are online (phone or zoom available)

Face to face available again in the future.

What can you expect from a nutrition consult?

I will take a comprehensive case history of your whole health picture, including exploring your current health symptoms, all body systems, your physical health, emotional wellbeing, habits, lifestyle, health goals and so much more. You will receive a personalised treatment plan, which may include dietary advice, nutritional supplement recommendations (if needed), lifestyle and emotional health practices to optimise your health and allow your body and mind to thrive.

Colonic Hydrotherapy
a printed gold graphic of a human's intestines



Colonic Hydrotherapy


Coffee Colonic


What is involved in a colonic?

I will be with you the whole time operating the device. We use a closed system, which is completely plumbed in- this means there is no smell or mess and you are covered the entire treatment. Water enters the bowel through a speculum, until a comfortable fullness is reached. The water is then released, which carries the old, unwanted, toxic waste out of the body. This is repeated throughout the treatment duration. 

GI Map/ DNA Testing
male and female bodies with instestine graphics drawn over their stomachs

GI Map Testing +

60 minute result interpretation

(+ personalised treatment protocol)


75 minute Initial nutrition consultation +

GI Map Testing +

60 minute result interpretation/follow up


For all GI Map bookings & enquiries

please email Lui

What can the GI Mapping/ DNA testing tell you?

  • Assess the balance of good and bad bacteria

  • Test for pathogens (bacterial, parasitic, viral)

  • Gut permeability (leaky gut)

  • Genetic markers of the organisms residing in the intestinal ecosystem

  • Commensal (normal) bacteria flora levels

  • Opportunistic bacteria including parasites, worms, fungi & yeast

  • Auto-immune triggers and active viruses

  • Breakdown of intestinal health markers including insight into the digestive capacity from the liver, gall bladder & pancreas

  • Immune function response

  • Finds sources of systemic inflammation

  • Insight into hormone imbalances & detoxification pathways

  • Uncovers root causes of food sensitivities

14 Day
Holistic Seasonal Detox

What's included?

2x 30 minute nutrition consultations


2x Practitioner only detox support supplements


12 page Detox Essentials guide

Reap the benefits of detoxing properly. Under the care and guidance of a qualified nutritionist, using supplements to support your major detoxification organs; liver, kidneys and your gut.

Email me at to book your cleanse.

overhead angle of nuts, strawberries, eggs and other health food
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