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Sprouted Quinoa & Plum Loaf


Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan



1.5 cups tri-colour quinoa (or white quinoa), soaked in water for 24 hours

6-8 small plums depending on size & how plumy you want your loaf

1/4 cup psyllium husks

2tsp cinnamon

2tsp vanilla bean powder

1tsp turmeric (can omit)

1/4 cup coconut flour

1/4 cup flaxseed meal + 1/2 cup water (to form a "flax-egg"

1cup pumpkin puree or mashed pumpkin

1/4 cup coconut oil



  • Soak quinoa in water (ensure the quinoa is well-covered in water). Let the quinoa soak for 24 hours, rinse the quinoa in a seive under running water. 

*Option to leave the sprouting step (below) out and just cook the loaf with soaked (not sprouted) quinoa.

  • TO SPROUT: Rinse the same bowl used to soak out so it is nice and clean. Once the quinoa is drained thoroughly, let the seive (with the quinoa still in it, sit elevated in the bowl so that any remaining water can continue to drain. Leave the quinoa like this for around 24 hours (rinsing every 6 hours) until you see that the quinoa has little tails beggining to sprout. (Your can YouTube search quinoa sprouting to find an in depth explanation of sprouting quinoa).


  • Pre-heat oven to 180 degreese celsius. Line a medium loaf tin with baking paper.

  • De-pip your plums by slicing them through the centre, pulling one side off & then removing the pip from the other side. You may need to quarter the side that the pip is stuck to in order to remove it.

  • In a small mixing bowl, add flaxseed meal plus the water and whisk with a fork until combined. Add in the pujmpkin puree & coconut oil and continue to mix until all combined.

  • In a mixing bowl add psyllium husks, vanilla powder, cinnamon and coconut flour. Mix together evenly, Add your soaked or sprouted quinoa. and mix together until combined.

  • Add your wet ingredient mixture into the quinoa mixture & mix with your hands until all ingredients are evenly combined. Now add your plum halves & quarters into the mixture, leaving around 5-6 plum halves aside for topping.

  • Scoop mixture into the lined loaf tin and press down with your hand, a spatula or back of a spoon in order to pack the mixture in tightly. Once mixture is all in,  smooth down the toop with a spatula or back of a spoon and press your plum halves into the top, facing upwards in whatever way you like.

  • Place loaf into oven for 30 minutes. At 30 minutes, remove from loaf tin (still keep the loaf remaining in the baking paper) and place onto a wire rack or baking tray and place back into the oven for another 15-20 minutes. Until the top & edges are browned & the plums are beautiful and oozing.

  • Remove from oven and let the loaf sit to cool on a wire rack.




  • Slice the loaf into desired slice sizes and place into an air-tight container into fridge. Comsume within 7 days.

  • Another option to freeze the whole loaf or freeze half if you think you won't eat it all within 7 days.

  • To freeze: Slice the loaf as above and place small squares of baking paper in between each slice (to keep them from not sticking together). Place loaf into an air-tight container or into a zip-lock bag.


To serve:

The best part of all :) So many delicious options!

  • Toasted plain.. It sounds boring but i'll tell you now it is such a delicious loaf, with the sweet plums and the sweetness if the pumpkin, its truly delicious!

  • Nut butter. Any nut butter really but a great roasted almond butter is divine! Or as seen in the picture- a cacao almond butter, a chocolatey affair which was just so tasty! You could make a delicious roasted hazelnut butter and add cacao for a "nutella" moment.

  • Tahini. Black or white. Depending on which one you prefer? If you're a tahini fan like I am, you can put it on anything and you'll enjoy it.

  • Yoghurt. Add a dollop of your favourite yoghurt onto a toasted slice and enjoy it as a filling delicious sweet breakfast. Add a sprinkle of chia seeds or other seeds & some chopped nuts and you have a winner. You could even add your yoghurt on top of the slather of tahini or nut butter!

(I'm salivating just thinking about it haha)


Watch out for the savoury version of this loaf to come!


Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!


x Lui 

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