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No Rice Sushi

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free



(Makes 2 sushi wraps)


2 nori sushi sheets

2 eggs

1 zucchini, grated or spiralised into zoodles

1 large handful green beans, top & tailed

4 thick slices organic soy-free tempeh (can also use organic non-GMO soybean tempeh) 

* Here i'm using one of my favourite brands Byron Bay Fava Bean & Wakame Soy-free Tempeh

A few forkfulls of saurkraut

*Here i'm using my favourite brand Peace Love & Vegetables Tasmanian Superkraut



  • Lightly steam your green beans for 30 seconds to 1 minuute. Keep them slightly crunchy. Set them aside to cool

  • In a non-stick fry pan (or if not non-stick, add 1/2tbsp coconut oil or ghee). Add tempeh slices and brown on each side until crunchy. *Option to add turmeric or other spices to tempeh to add some extra flavour. Set aside on a plate.

  • Heat your non-stick fry pan up again to medium heat. Add oil if needed. Whisk 1 egg in a small bowl and pour into fry pan. Quickly swirl the egg around the pan in a circular motion to create a thin crepe egg. Wait until bubbles start to appear on the egg and then flip. Only cook for 15-30 seconds on second side to ensure your egg does not go rubbery.

  • Repeat this step with your second egg.

  • Grab your serving plates. Lay 1 piece of nori sushi paper onto each plate. Lay the egg crepe in the middle of the nori paper. Add spiralised noodles, green beans and tempeh. Top with saurkraut.

  • Top with anything else your little heart desires to make this a delightful, satisfying meal. 

  • Roll it all into a sushi roll/wrap and start chomping :)


*I have made this a number of times now and LOVE it. Depending on how hungry you are will probably determine how much you pack into it. I've used the same recipe above but also added baked salmon chunks and goat's cheese, which was also a delicious combo.



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