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A holistic approach to health. From the outside, in. And the inside, out.

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Lui Kidner, about me.

How can I help you?


Nutrition + Colonics

What do these entail and where can you find me?

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Healthy Recipes

Delicious, healthy whole-foods recipes.

Hi, I'm Lui.


I am here to help you reach your health goals. I will guide you and give you the tools to achieve your optimal state of health and wellbeing. I will help you to uncover the root cause of dysfunction, illness or dis-ease. I will guide and educate you to live with less pain and inflammation, increased energy, better digestion, supported detoxification, increased immunity and a healthy, balanced mental & emotional mindset. No two clients are ever viewed the same.

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The meaning of "healthy" is different for every single person. Health also looks and feels different for every person.


Health is not about addressing only one aspect of the body alone. Instead it's about addressing your whole health picture and creating a unique, individualised plan; inclusive of mental, emotional and physical well-being, to optimise your health. 

During nutrition consultations, I will also incorporate psychosomatic therapy when needed. Addressing your mental & emotional wellbeing and how this can manifest and impact our physical body.

They key to succeeding when creating health related changes, is finding joy & happiness in what you are embarking on.

Taking steady, maintainable steps towards your health goals is essential to ensuring the long-term outcome is sustainable.

Balance is key in everything we do.

It’s never about perfection.
It’s about small steps that help you to get to where you want to be. Whatever that means to you.

As Hippocrates stated around 2500 years ago

"All disease begins in the gut"

Health also begins in the gut. Colonic hydrotherapy is a tool to we can utilise to improve our gut environment. It aims to remove unwanted, stuck, old waste that can accumulate in the large intestine (colon).

Due to the increased toxic burden placed on the body due to factors such as; high stress, poor dietary choices including processed, packaged & GMO food, environmental factors, overuse of conventional medicine & other harmful behaviours. Often our bodies are not efficiently able to keep up with detoxification without support.

When this toxic matter is removed from your body, not only does your digestive function improve & digestive symptoms reduce, but your whole body's overall function improves significantly

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