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Raw Banana, Tahini, Choc Cheesecakes


You will need:

Either 1 x 18cm round springform cake tin + mini silicone cup moulds (around 10) or,

1x 21cm springform round cake tin 

+ freezer space

+ a high speed blender to get the mixture as smooth as possible



2.5 cups cashews (soaked for overnight or for 2 hours or longer)

1 1/2 cups roasted hazelnuts (can sub for roasted or plain almonds, or other nut)

1 cup fresh medjool dates

3 large, ripe bananas, peeled (rippened until they have lots of black spots on the skin)

1/3 cup cold-pressed coconut oil, melted

1/4 cup water

1tsp vanilla extract

1tsp cinnamon

3x 1/4  cup unsweetened almond milk (almonds & water)

2tbsp raw cacao

4 tbsp tahini (if you don't like tahini you can use a nut butter of choice)

1tsp mesquite powder




  • Place hazelnuts into blender, quickly whiz until they have formed a crumble, or similar to almond meal consistency. Add your dates & blend again until mixture is sticking together.

You can test this by grabbing a clump of the mixture & pressing it together between your fingers. It should stay stuck.

  • Push the mixture out into the base of the cake tin. Press down firmly to form an even base layer.

If using mini moulds too, measure out about 1tbsp of the mixture into each mould & press down firmly for each.

  • Set cake tin &/or moulds aside



  • Once you have soaked your cashews overnight, drain and rinse them. Let them sit in the strainer so that excesswater can drip off.

  • Place cashews into blender & blend until forms cashew 'butter' consistency, May need to scrape down the sides a few times.

  • Add all bananas, may need to break into pieces. Begin to blend & whilst blending add water & coconut oil. Turn the speed up to high and blend until very smooth.

  • Seperate this mixture into 3 servings (this may mean you need to weight out 3 portions into seperate bowls.


Banana, Cinnamon Layer:

  • Place 1 portion back into the blender. Add vanilla extract, cinnamon & 1x 1/4 cup almond milk.

  • Blend until well-mixed & smooth

  • Pour mixture into cake tin, using a spatula to scrape all mixture out.

  • *If using mini moulds, measure out 1tbsp of banana/cinnamon mixture into each mould & then pour the rest into the cake tin.

TIP: to flatten the mixture down, Either shimmy the cake tin or mouls around until the mixture flattens out, otherwise bang the tin or moulds onto your bench top a couple of times. (Not too hard! hehe.

  • Place tin/moulds into freezer, while you prepare the next layer.

  • Rinse out the mixer.. or you don't have to, just continue!


Tahini Layer:

  • Add the next portion of mixture sitting on your bench back into the blender. 

  • Add in tahini, mequite powder (if you have it) & another 1x 1/4 cup almond milk.

  • Blend again until smooth & mixture is well combined.

  • Take cake tin/moulds out of the freezer.

  • Again, if using moulds, gently add around 1tbsp of mixture into each & then scrape out the rest of the mixture into the cake tin. If just using the cake tin, scrape the mixture in using a spatula.

*a bit more gently this time- shimmy the moulds/cake tin or tap on bench top to flatten mixture.

  • Place back in freezer, while you prepare you final layer


Chocolate layer:

  • Add your final portion to the mixer. Add raw cacao & your last 1x 1/4 almond milk.

  • Blend until combined.

  • Repeat, as the last two times by adding the chocolate layer to your cake tin & or moulds.


Now place in the freezer for at least two hours, or overnight. Can place in th fridge however, they will take longer to firmly set!



The best part! Getting to taste them!

  • So, i find its best to remove any cheesecake from the mould/cake tin when they are frozen. They are easier to handle & you wont compromise their shape, as you might if they were softened.


1 hour before Serving:

  • Take your cheesecakes out of the freezer & get a plate or serving platter ready.

  • Remove from mould/s or tin and place onto your serving plate.

  • Dust with cinnamon, a dollop of tahini & cacao nibs.

  • Place into fridge to soften, ready to be eaten within the hour!


I really hope you enjoy these! I truly love this combo. The consistency is creamy & lovely like ice cream. They aren't overly sweet because i like to try & not use added sweeteners if possible because the bananas & dates are so naturally sweet as is!


If you give any of my recipe's a try, definately take a photo & send it my way! Or tag me in them on Facebook or Instagram. It brings me such great pleasure to see you re-create my recipes, it makes me feel proud & happy :) 


Enjoy Enjoy!

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