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Stuffed Dates


Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Refined Sugar-free

A delicious, easy go-to snack or dessert!



Fresh dates (organic or medjool)- the number of dates will be determined by the number of people you're serving. For a snack- use 2

2tsp per date of 100% almond butter, tahini or other nut butter of choice

Sprinklings: activated buckwheat or loving earth buckini's, shredded or dessicated coconut, cinnamon



  • Slice dates lengthways & take pips out. Pair each date open so the sides sit apart slightly.

  • Scoop nut butter into the openings of each date.

  • Sprinkle with topping of choice

  • Serve as is or refrigerate until serving time.


* Option: Freeze a tray of these and eat cold! They play tricks on your mind and it tastes like a chewy caramel lollie! Delicious.


Did you know: 

That by eating a healthy fat source i.e nuts, whilst consuming fruit, you will slow down the absorption/uptake of the sugar (contained in the fruit). This enables our bodies to have a better chance at utilising the energy from the fruit. It also helps to maintain a more even blood sugar balance, helping to decrease the big spikes & drops!


Add a healthy fat source to your fruits and higher carbohydrate containing veg, here are a few ideas:

  • Hummus/avocado with carrot sticks

  • Pure nut butter or natural nuts with a piece of fruit

  • Avocado or eggs on toast



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