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Salmon & Veggie Patties


Gluten- free, Dairy-free, Sugar free



400g cooked salmon (fresh cooked fillets or canned, no bones or skin)

2 eggs, whisked

2 zuchhini's, grated

1/2 cauliflower, grated or blended into rice consistency

Pink himilayan salt & cracked pepper to taste

Teff grain, enough to coat back and front of each pattie (option to use other seeds for coating)

Coconut oil for frying



  • Place grated zucchini onto paper towels, so absorb as much water as possible. May need to replace paper towel a couple of times. 

  • Grab a large mixing bowl and break apart the salmon into tiny pieces or until it is shredded. Add Cauliflower "rice", grated zucchini and pour over thr whisked eggs. Mix all ingredients together with your hands or a spoon until all is evenly combined.

  • Grab a large plate and set aside next to your mixing bowl. Using an ice cream scoop to measure, or just a spoon. Ball out the desired amount of mixture into your hands and set aside onto your plate. Continue until all mixture has been used.

  • Sprinkle teff onto another separate plate and roll each ball in teff grain to cover as much as possible. Place balls back onto your other plate.

  • Heat a non-stick fry pan on medium heat, add 1tbsp coconut oil and once melted, place each ball into the pan and flatted out with your spatula (as many patties as can fit in the pan).

  • Repeat this until all balls have become patties and each side is browned and delicious. Be gentle with the patties as they are delicate and can crumble.

  • You can plate each batch of patties onto a wire rack, lined with baking paper to cool if you are not serving immediately.


These are a great meal-prep food idea ready to have for the week aheads lunch or dinner. Or simply for serving on a tasting plate or as the main part to your meal served for family and friends. Make a beetroot relish with beetroot, carrot, apple and apple cider vinegar or pair these with some regular or beetroot hummus. Enjoy with a fresh salad or some steamed greens and i'm sure you will be satisfied and happy!


If you aren't going to eat them all withing the week, you can place baking paper pieces in between each pattie and either put them into a container or wrap them up and get them into the freezer, ready to defrost when you need a quick meal or snack.



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