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The Complete Breaky Loaf



2 cups kale, roughly chopped

2 cups spinach, roughly chopped

2 cups grated pumpkin

2 cups grated zucchini

6 tbsp buckwheat flour (can substitute for almond or sunflower seed meal, besan (chickpea) flour, coconut flour or quinoa flour)

6 tbsp psyllium husks

6 eggs, whisked

¼ cup sunflower seeds

1 pinch pink himalayan sea salt

 ½ cup water

¼ cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds)- to sprinkle on top



  • Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius (fan forced)

  • Grate zucchini & pumpkin separately

  • Place 2 sets of layered paper towel onto bench top & place zucchini on one set of paper towel, pumpkin on the other. Layer more paper towel on top.

  • This will absorb the water from the vegetables. You may need to replace paper tower or add more layers if they still feel quite wet.

  • Press as much water out of the vegetables as you can, place zucchini & pumpkin into another bowl, add spinach & kale, mix in whisked eggs.

  • In a large mixing bowl, add all the dry ingredients (buckwheat flour, psyllium husks, sunflower seeds, sea salt), mix until evenly distributed

  • Add the wet ingredients (eggs, spinach, kale…) into the dry ingredients bowl, add water & mix thoroughly

  • Line a medium loaf tin with baking paper. If you have a good non-stick loaf tin there is no need to line the tray

  • Sprinkle a line of pepitas on top & lightly press down with your fingers to help the pepitas to stay put

  • Place tray into oven for 40 minutes, remove loaf from tray & place onto a cooling rack, pop it back into the oven for the remaining 20 minutes


Serving suggestions:

This laof can be used with sweet or savoury toppings & is delicious with both!

  • (Pictured): Tahini, sliced apple & goji berries.

  • (Pictured): Wilted spinach, tomatoes, cracked pepper- Top with an egg for perfection!

  • Plain nut butters: Almond, cashew, ABC (Almond, Brazil, Cashew). Plain white or black tahini.

  • Hummus- Plain or beetroot hummus or Babaganoush.

  • Goats cheese, tomato, fresh baby spinach, an egg & some avo on the side.

  • Avocado mashed with lemon juice & pepper

  • Nut butter with natural yoghurt drizzled on top, sprinkled with activated buckini's.


Nutritional Benefits/ Information:

  • This loaf is called the "Complete" breaky loaf because it has all the macronutrient groups in one loaf- complex carbohydrates coming from the whole"grain" source of buckwheat flour, plus complete protien & healthy fats coming from the eggs. It also contains low GI/GL (Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load) vegetables, which contain beneficial nutrients & contribute to your daily vegetable intake. With psyllium husks added as a wonderful source of soluble fibre.

  • Buckwheat flour: IS NOT A SOURCE OF WHEAT. Even though the name is decieving & contains the word wheat! It is a gluten-free seed that has been hulled (the hull is not edible) and then ground into flour. Buckwheat is commonly used similar to other staple grains. This is because unlike other seeds, it contains a higher starch level & less fat, therefore can be used in a similar way to other grains.

  • Phsyllium husks: are a great source of soluble fibre. Psyllium can help with sluggish digestion & can also help improve diarrohrea. It does this with its ability to absorb water & swell into a gel-like consistency, therefore adding bulk & decreasing transit time of the stool. 

  • Psyllium: has also shown in various studies to be a great tool for lowering total cholesterol, but more importantly "LDL" (Bad) cholesterol levels. *Just by adding 1-2tsp of psylliium husks to your daily routine (on breakfast, in a glass of water, in a smoothie), improvements have been noted to be seen!


This loaf is a perfect for all meals- a great breakfast, topped with an egg, spinach & avocado. Take a few slices wrapped up to work to eat plain pr toasted as a snack or have a slice with your soup at dinner! So many options!

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